Go: Organic Orchestra

07.29.17 |8 PM

Brooklyn, NY US

Go: Organic Orchestra in concert
Brooklyn Conservatory of Music

Kaoru Watanabe – noh kan, fue, c flute
Michel Gentile – c and alto flute, bamboo flutes
Sylvain Leroux - tambin, flute
Seungmin Cha - daegeum bamboo flute
Peter Zummo - trombone, didjiridoo
Libby Schwartz - french horn
Avram Fefer – tenor sax, clarinet
Sara Shoenbeck - basoon, sona
Julianne Carney – violin
Mark Chung – violin
Elektra Kurtis – violin
Stephanie Griffin – viola
Gwen Laster – viola
Leco Reis - contrabass
Kenny Wessl - guitar
Alexis Marcelo – piano
Mia Theodoratus - harp
Damon Banks - electric bass
Shane Shanahan - frame drums, percussion
Dan Kurfirst - bata, congas, percussion
Rogerdio Boccato - pandero, zabumba, percussion

20th Anniversary Tribute to Portishead Roseland NYC Live

07.24.17 |8 PM

Brooklyn, NY US

with LARCENY Chamber Orchestra, Joan As Police Woman, Holly Miranda, Erin Markey, Sophie Auster, Sarah Goldfeather, Ghanaian Xylophonist Alfred Kpebsaane & World Premiere of “Empty Promise"

The 12 Houses Extended Unit


New York, NY US

The 12 Houses Extended Unit
Featuring live composing by Gil Selinger and Composition and Direction by Matt Lavelle

Friday June 9, 2017 at NuBlu, 62 Avenue C

With Mob Job & Walter Thompson Orchestra

Gil Selinger, Cello and Conduction/Soundpainting hybrid
Matt Lavelle, Trumpet, Bass Clarinet and Composition and Conduction

Ras Moshe, Saxophone and bells
Rocco Iacovone, Saxophone
Jeremy Danneman, Saxophone and/or Clarinet
Alan Brady, Clarinet
Charlie Waters, Clarinet
Mary Cherney, Flute
Jen Baker, Trombone
Reut Regev, Trombone
Yeonathan Shachar, Guitar
Sam Harmet, Mandolin
Julianne Carney, Violin
Anais Maviel, Voice
Andrew Drury, Percussion
Francois Grillot, Bass
Chris Forbes, Keyboards
Evan Mazunik, Keyboards

Eco Music Big Band at BAM Cafe


Brooklyn , NY US

The Eco-Music Big Band is proud to present a night of music by Spanish, Afro-Cuban, South and Central American, and Brazilian composers at BAMcafe. Featuring classics by composers from around the world, and world premieres by some of the best living musicians, this performance is part of the Eco-Music Big Band's unprecedented initiative to commission and premiere as much new work as possible. With poetry by Magdalena Gomez performed by Marina Celander, and works by Eddie Palmieri, Hermeto Pascoal, Arturo O'Farrill, and more!

Mercedes Beckman, Xavier Del Castillo, Jeremy Powell, Larry Bustamante - saxophones
Aquiles Navarro, Nolan Tsang, Angeleisha L. Rodgers, Rémy Labbé - trumpets
David Whitwell, Kalun Leung, Felix Del Tredici David Taylor - trombones
Julianne Carney - violin
Adam Fisher - cello
Albert Marquès - piano
Gabriel Lugo - percussion
Michael Feinberg - bass
Matt Honor - drums

Guest solo - Matthew Loew

Residency of Jessica Pavone at The Stone

07.30.16 |8 PM & 10 PM Sets

New York, NY US

“Songs of Synastry and Solitude" is a collection of songs for string quartet influenced by an interest in the simple beauty of folk songs, the ghosts of all things lost and Leonard Cohen’s encouragement to live outside this world. Performers: Julianne Carney, Jeanann Dara, Eric Allen, Andrew Roitstein

10 PM:
A song cycle that meditates on Plutonian themes of destruction and rebuilding, migration, falsities, and undeniable truths.
Julianne Carney (violin) Jeanann Dara (viola) Eric Allen (cello) Andrew Roitstein (double bass) Emily Manzo (voice) Ava Mendoza (guitar) Tomas Fujiwara (drums)

Eco-Music Big Band Fred Ho/Cal Massey album release at Roulette

06.28.16 |8 PM

Brooklyn, US

The Eco-Music Big Band is proud to present the release of our second album, REBEL SPIRITS. REBEL SPIRITS is a posthumous reimagining of the music of three of the most underrated and influential jazz composers of the 20th century: the band’s founder, Fred Ho; late composer/trumpeter and influence to John Coltrane, Cal Massey; and multigenre composer/arranger Romulus Franceschini.
The Eco-Music Big Band’s second album, REBEL SPIRITS creates a living practice of the music of the deceased; rather than preserving the music of these late composers, this album imagines their voices in the present world. As the Eco-Music Big Band is committed to fusing genres, creating new sounds, and exploring the outer limits of what is possible with a big band, REBEL SPIRITS creates a new sonic world for composer Cal Massey and arranger Romulus Franceschini’s magnum opus, The Black Liberation Movement Suite, and for Fred Ho’s final and unreleased works, Grace of the Guerrilla, My Love, and Soul Science Stomp. The Eco-Music Big Band is committed to commissioning new works for big band that propel a new jazz tradition through the 21st century; REBEL SPIRITS exhibits a deep root in the tradition of avant-garde jazz in addition to our vision for the future. This album is an aural timeline that includes classic straight-ahead jazz, 1970s funk-fusion, heavy metal, extended technique virtuosity, old-school hip hop rhythms, East Asian tonalities, and odd-meter blues grooves. This performance will also feature the world premiere of a new work by composer Jessica DiMari, entitled American Rose.

Okkyung Lee: Red Eclipse - residency at Roulette

04.08.16 |8 PM

Brooklyn, NY US

Loosely inspired by Michelangelo Antonioni’s masterpiece “L’Eclisse" and meant to accompany future video projects, these pieces will evoke the feeling of longing, time suspended in the air, misunderstandings of self (or selves) and fragility.

Violins – Julianne Carney, Jennifer Choi, Cornelius Dufallo, Emilie-Anne Gendron, Pauline Kim Harris, Conrad Harris
Violas – Stephanie Griffin, William Hakim
Cellos – Hamilton Berry, Michael Haas
Bass – Stephan Crump
Percussion – Ches Smith

Davalois Fearon, Choreographer and Lead Dancer in APAP Showcase, music by Mike McGuinness



Davalois Fearon New York Times featured artist, as well as a senior member of Stephen Petronio Company choreographers and dances in an excerpt of Consider Water; a multifaceted dance piece that combines three types of artistic expressions: dynamic and fluid dance, original music, and visual arts, to encourage people to increase their awareness surrounding water issues.

Tri-Centric Orchestra at Roulette

11.22.15 |7 PM

Brooklyn, NY US

Commissioning concert premiering new music by Michael Attias, Daniel Blake, Joseph Daley, and Jessica Pavone.

Violins: Erica Dicker (concertmaster), Jason Hwang, Scott Tixier, Sarah Bernstein, Julianne Carney, Sam Bardfeld, Olivia De Prato, Gwen Laster
Violas: Brian Thompson, Jeanann Dara, Victor Lowrie
Cellos: Tomas Ulrich, Marika Hughes, Chris Hoffman
Bass: Ken Filiano, Carl Testa
Flute: Domenica Fossati
Oboe/English horn/Bassoon: Christa Robinson, Katie Scheele, Sara Schoenbeck
Clarinet/sax: Michael McGinnis, Josh Sinton, Oscar Noriega
Trumpet/cornet: Jonathan Finlayson, Kirk Knuffke
French horn: Vincent Chancey
Trombone: Sam Kulik
Tuba: Jay Rozen
Percussion: David Shively, Matt Moran, Aaron Siegel
Conductor: Taylor Ho Bynum

Eco Music at Iridium

11.15.15 |8 PM

New York, NY US

New Muse String Quartet at Museum of Art and Origin

11.14.15 |7 PM

New York, NY US

With Tomas Ulrich, Melanie Dyer and Gwen Laster. Featuring composition honoring Sandra Bland, "Black Lives Matter", by Gwen Laster, as well as compositions by Adam Rudolph and Jesse Montgomery.

In Philly: Painted Bride with Eco-Music Big Band

10.30.15 |7 PM - 10 PM

Philadelphia, PA US

New Muse String Quartet in Cold Spring at Chapel Restoration

10.24.15 |7 PM

Cold Spring, NY US

Playing the music of Gwen Laster, Adam Rudolph, and Jessie Montgomery.

Eco Music with American Composer's Orchestra at DROM

10.21.15 |10 PM

New York, NY US

Ticket That Exploded at The Stone NYC

10.14.15 |8 PM or 10 PM Set

New York, NY US

Opera written by James Ilgenfritz - an incredible work - not to be missed!

Composed in 2011 and released on Grant Hart’s Con D’Or records in 2015, “The Ticket That Exploded" is James Ilgenfritz’s William Burroughs-inspired cut-up opera. Mixing text from Burroughs’ 1962 novel and compositional techniques inspired by the Burroughs/Gysin cut-ups, this large ensemble work takes a dystopian look at the impasses of control.

String Power at Shapeshifter Lab

09.10.15 |8:15 PM

Brooklyn, NY US

ShapeShifter Lab
18 Whitwell Pl.
Brooklyn 11215

Seven)Suns at 7 PM - SO excited to hear this group!

Go: Organic Orchestra Residency at Brooklyn Conservatory - Four Sundays in August!

08.30.15 |7:30 PM & 8:30 PM Sets

Brooklyn, NY US

Go: Organic Orchestra, the dream project of composer and percussionist Adam Rudolph, marks the release of their long-awaited debut studio recording, Sonic Mandala on Meta Records, with a blow out celebration concert. A 33-player orchestra that covers an astounding number of instruments, everything from the Malian hunter’s harp and bamboo trumpets to the Fender Rhodes and the Japanese noh-kan flute, Go: Organic Orchestra emphasizes the healing power of improvised music with an emphasis on percussion traditions from across the globe. A testament of a long-standing musical association among like-minded musicians who are multigenerational and international, this performance ofSonic Mandala encompasses the Orchestra’s deep engagement with world traditions and their deeper devotion to a community through shared creative expression.

Members: Kaoru Watanabe – noh kan, fue, c flute Michel Gentile – c and alto flute, bamboo flutes Ze Luis – c and alto flute, bamboo flutes Sylvain Leroux - tambin, flute Mariano Gil - bass flute, alto flute Steve Gorn - bansuri flute Ned Rothenberg - b flat & bass clarinet, shakuhachi Avram Fefer - b flat clarinet, tenor saxophone Ivan Barenboim - b flat clarinet J.D. Parran – e flat clarinet, contra bass clarinet, bamboo flutes Sean Sonderegger – b flat clarinet, contra bass clarinet, ney Sara Schoenbeck - bassoon, sona Batya Sobel - oboe Graham Haynes – cornet, flugelhorn, bamboo horn Stephen Haynes – trumpet, conch, bamboo horn Peter Zummo - trombor, didjiridoo Libby Schwatrz - french horn Benjamin Stapp - tuba, bamboo horn Jason Kao Hwang – viola Stephanie Griffen - viola Gwen Laster – viola Melanie Dyer – viola Alva Anderson – viola, voice Julianne Carney – violin Trina Basu - violin Sarah Bernstein - violin Rosemarie Hertlien - violin Elektra Kurtis – violin Mark Chung – violin Sanaco Nagano – violin Yamamoto Midori – violin Leco Reis - contrabass Emma Alabaster - contrabass James Hurt – sogo and kidi drums, percussion Matt Kilmer - djembe, frame drums, percussion Tripp Dudley - djembe, frame drums, percussion Shakoor Sanders - bata, congas, percussion Joe Hertenstien - percussion Kenny Wessel - el. guitars, banjo Marco Cappelli - acoustic guitar Alexis Marcelo – piano, fender rhodes Damon Banks – bass guitar

Eco Music Big Band plays Zinc Bar

08.28.15 |9 PM & 11 PM Sets

New York, NY US

There is no greater thrill than hearing this group of heavy cats. Tonight will feature Dave Whitwell and Dave Taylor's trombone genius, and a great new tune by band leader Marie Incontrera.

Eco Music Big Band at Joe's Pub

08.27.15 |7 PM

New York, NY US

OMI Residency: Night into Light Fundraiser


Ghent, NY, US

Improvised bubbles and violin with visual artist Julianne Schwartz

Trillium J - Opera by Anthony Braxton at Roulette

04.17.14 to 04.19.14

Go: Organic Orchestra Residency at ShapeShifter Lab - Spring Mondays in 2014

04.14.14 to 06.16.14

Brooklyn, NY US

Monday April 14
Monday May 12
Monday June 9
Monday July 7
Monday August 18

7pm - 8pm open rehearsal/workshop
815 - 9 15 first set
930 - 10 30 second set

NUBLU - with Blaise Siwula and Stan Nishimura

01.20.14 |9 PM

New York, NY USA

Free improv with great saxophonist and COMA (ABCNORIO) guru Blaise Siwula, and fantastic trombonist Stan Nishimura.


10.27.13 |7 PM

New York, NY USA

solo violin improvisations using projected abstract visual art pieces as scores.

Go: Organic Orchestra at Wadsworth Atheneum of Art

10.11.13 |8 PM

Hartford, CT, CT

The Music
Unique in the realm of approaches to improvisational conducting, Organic Orchestra utilizes a composed non-linear score as material for creating the musical moment. Composer and Artistic Director Adam Rudolph has constructed a music score using innovative and experimental means with which to conduct the players through music/letter grids, language themes, Indian Ragas and song forms to create the moods, movement and sonic gestures. The musicians also learn Rudolph's rhythm concept:"Cyclic Verticalism", whereby poly rhythms (used in African music) are combined with rhythms cycles (used in Indian music). Utilizing these elements in an spontaneous way, elements will weave what Rudolph calls an "audio syncretic music fabric" that serves as a platform for improvisation and self expression.

Performing artists:
Sylvain Leroux – tambin fulani flute, c flute, bamboo flutes
Michel Gentile – c and alto flute, bamboo flutes
Zé Luis Oliveira – c and alto flute, bamboo flutes
Kaoru Watanabe – noh kan, fue, c flute
Sara Schoenbeck – bassoon, sona
Ned Rothenberg – b flat & bass clarinet, shakuhachi
J D Parran – contra alto clarinet, ewart bamboo flute, kalimbas
Avram Fefer - b flat & bass clarinet
Ivan Barenboim - b flat clarinet, bamboo flutes
Sean Sonderegger – contra bass clarinet, & bass clarinet
Stephen Haynes – trumpet, cornet, conch, flugelhorn, alto horn
Graham Haynes – cornet, flugelhorn, ewart bamboo horn
Peter Zummo – trombone, conch, didgeridoo, zither
Jason Kao Hwang – viola
Alva Anderson – viola
Elektra Kurtis – violin
Mark Chung – violin
Midori Yamamoto – violin
Rosemarie Hertlein – violin
Sana Nagano – violin
Curtis Stewart – violin
Gwen Laster – viola
Julianne Carney – violin
Stephanie Griffin – viola
Marika Hughes – cello
Emma Albaster – double bass
Brahim Fribgane – cajon, tarija, udu, percussion
James Hurt – sogo, kidi, igbo bell, udu, percussion
Alex Marcelo – piano, fender rhodes
Kenny Wessel – electric guitar, banjo, looping, processing
Marco Cappelli – acoustic guitar, looping, processing
Damon Banks – electric bass

Go: Organic Orchestra at Roulette

10.03.13 |8 PM

Brooklyn, NY USA

Go: Organic Orchestra is an amazing group of improvisers. Colors, gestures, shapes, and free melodies are woven together by west African drum cycles.

Tri-Centric Orchestra at Roulette

09.24.13 |8 PM

Brooklyn, NY USA

Four pieces by Mark Taylor, Ingrid Laubrock, Taylor Ho Baynum, and the world premiere of an orchestral piece by Anthony Braxton written in the 1970s.

Violin: Jason Hwang, Scott Tixier, Sarah Bernstein, Skye Steele, Gwen Laster, Curtis Stewart, Julianne Carney, Brenda Vincent
Viola: Jessica Pavone, Erin Wright, Brian Thompson
Cello: Tomas Ulrich, Marika Hughes, Chris Hoffman
Bass: Carl Testa, Ken Filiano
Reeds: Josh Sinton, Mike McGinnis, Oscar Noriega
Oboe/English horn: Katie Scheele, Libby Van Cleve
Bassoon: Sara Schoenbeck, Dana Jessen
Flute: Michel Gentile, Yukari
Trumpet: Nate Wooley, Stephanie Richards
French horn: Vincent Chancey, Rachel Drehmann
Trombone: Curtis Hasselbring
Tuba: Jay Rozen
Percussion: Chris Dingman, David Shively
Piano: Amy Crawford
Voices: Kyoko Kitamura, Kamala Sankaram, Anne Rhodes, Yoon Sun Choi, Kristen Fung, Tomas Cruz, Nick Hallett, Roland Burks, Michael Douglas Jones, Peter Stewart
Conductor: Taylor Ho Bynum

Go: Organic Orchestra at Shapeshifter

03.11.13 to 05.20.13 |8 PM First and Third Mondays in March, April, May

Brooklyn, NY USA

GO: ORGANIC ORCHESTRA will be performing first and third Mondays of each month @
March 11, 25
April 8, 22
May 6, 20
8:00 PM
Shapeshifter 18 Whitwell Place
Brooklyn, NY 11215 (Between 1st and Carroll Str- Park Slope)

Dartmouth College HOP Hopkins Center for the Arts

10.25.12 |7 PM and 9:30 PM

Hanover, NH USA

Adam Matta Music Department Residency
Ned Rothenberg woodwinds
Julianne Carney violin
Eyal Maoz guitar

While at Dartmouth, Adam Matta was joined by the Dartmouth Aires for a beatbox master class, led an evening of improvisation, beat-making and experimental electronic music with the Digital Musics graduate students and Darmouth DJs; conducted a Creative Music Forum for students, shared meals with students, and attended Music classes. For more information on Hop Outreach & Arts Education, call 603.646.2010 or visit

Go: Organic Orchestra at Roulette

10.15.12 |8 PM

Brooklyn , NY USA

Nathan Bontrager and Edward Schneider curate an evening of improvised music

04.29.12 |7 pm

Several sets of music featuring awesome folks starting at 7 pm.

Spontaneous River at Brecht Forum

04.14.12 |8 PM

New York, NY

On Saturday, April 14th, 8pm, Neues Kabarett will present Jason Kao Hwang’s improvising string orchestra, Spontaneous River, performing his Symphony of Souls at the Brecht Forum.  The Brecht is located at 451 West Street (the West Side Highway) between Bank & Bethune Streets.  This concert is made possible with the generous support of the Argosy Foundation.  Admission: $15

Rzewski's Coming Together and more at Exapno

04.10.12 |10 pm

Brooklyn, NY

Composer / Occupier Concert & Dialogue:
"Love in the band and blood on the floor"


- Tom Swafford's "String Power" orchestra plays Slayer, Mingus & Swafford, conducted by Nathan Fuhr

- Jen Chapin's protest songs

- Nathan Fuhr with Rzewski's "Coming Together" & "Attica", with guests Shahzad Ismaily and Sondra Sun-Odeon

- Joey Molinaro's "The Great Unwashed", for all performers

At the conclusion of the performance, there will be a loosely-facilitated discussion over drinks about the works performed and the role of composers in resistance / revolution / occupy movement.

Tuesday April 10, 10pm, Free
EXAPNO, 33 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn


The Ticket That Exploded plus Elliott Sharp at CUNY Hunter Lang Center

03.13.12 |8 pm

New York , NY

The Ticket That Exploded, based on William Burroughs' 1962 novel
of the same name.  Featuring amazing video projections from Jason
Ponce and an amazing cast of performers! The event is free and open to
the public!

Tuesday, March 13, 8:00 PM
Notations: The Cage Effect Today Presents:

Elliott Sharp's Quadrature (2005)
James Ilgenfritz' The Ticket That Exploded (2011) //

Jason Ponce - live video processing
Nick DeMaison - conductor

Anne Rhodes / Megan Schubert / Nick Hallett / Steve Dalachinsky / Ryan
Opperman - voices
Denman Maroney / Julianne Carney / Nathan Bontrager - strings
Ty Citerman / Taylor Levine - guitars
Douglas Detrich / Josh Sinton / Jay Rozen - winds
Vinnie Sperazza / John O'Brien / Andrew Drury - percussion

Lang Recital Hall
424 Hunter North

The Lang Recital Hall is located on the fourth floor of Hunter
College's North building. It is best to enter the North building on
69th Street, between Lexington and Park. When exiting the elevators,
the Lang is to the left.

The Stone with Al Margolies, Nathan Bontrager, and James Ilgenfritz


Improvised string quartet featuring Al Margolies, Nathan Bontrager, James Ilgenfritz, and me

Duo for vibes & violin at Issue Project Room

11.16.11 |8 PM

Brooklyn, USA

Third and final installment of James Ilgenfritz's residency at Issue Project Room. I'll premiere his duo for vibes & violin with Matt Moran.

For Dither electric guitar quartet with Josh Sinton, amplified contrabass clarinet, and Sara Schoenbeck, amplified bassoon

Safe Landings:
For violin (Julianne Carney) and vibraphone (Matt Moran), a tragically fragile work about the death of Mike Nerandzic.

Kissing Cousins:
Josh Sinton & Jeremiah Cymerman (clarinets, cellphones)
Brian Chase (drums, electronics, cellphone)
James Ilgenfritz (basses, keyboard, toys, cellphone).

This event is costs only FREE American Dollars! An experimental music stimulus package.

World Premiere of The Ticket that Exploded Opera at Issue Project Room

10.29.11 |8 pm

Brooklyn, NY

The Ticket That Exploded: An Opera (based on a novel by William S. Burroughs)
RSVP | Admission: FREE

Artist-in-Residence James Ilgenfritz presents The Ticket That
Exploded:  An Opera based on William Burroughs’ 1962 dystopian novel
about identity disintegration, oppression of humanity’s collective
consciousness through technological influence, and revolution through
the subversion of those very technologies. Featuring six talented
vocalists, an ensemble of fifteen instrumentalists, and live video
projections from Jason Ponce, the opera will be organized using the
same cut-up techniques and emphasis on language that distinguishes
Burroughs’ literary work.

Anne Rhodes, Megan Schubert, Ted Hearne, Nick Hallett, Steve Dalachinsky: Voices
Ryan Opperman: Video voice

Jay Rozen: tuba
Sam Kulik: trombone
Douglas Detrick: trumpet
Justin Wood: alto saxophone, flute
Mike McGinnis: clarinet / bass clarinet / flute

Julianne Carney: violin Nathan Bontrager: cello, Denman Maroney: piano
Andrew Drury, John O'Brien, Vinnie Sperazza: Percussion
Taylor Levine, Ty Citerman: Guitar/Electronics
Nicholas DeMaison: Conductor
Jason Ponce: Video Artist / Live Processing

At the Old American Can Factory
232 3rd Street, 3rd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Gowanus Company at Douglass Street Music Collective

07.28.11 |8 PM

Brooklyn, USA

Josh Sinton & Dominic Lash co-organize "Gowanus Co.", a free form evening of improvisation based on a concept/approach developed by Derek Bailey in the 70's.
With Sara Schoenbeck, Weasel Walter, James Falzone, Jeremiah Cymerman, Dominic Lash, Josh Sinton, Angie Sanchez, Devin Grey, Jean Carla Rodea, Jason Mears, Julianne Carney, James Ilgenfritz, & Owen Stewart-Robinson.

Billy Fox's Blackbirds & Bullets at the Stone

07.06.11 |8:00 PM

Brooklyn , NY USA

Vision Festival Billy Bang Tribute: Mystery of the Mekong

06.11.11 |11 PM

Billy Bang Tribute - Festival Finale
25 Piece String Ensemble with Special Guests
Performs Billy Bang's Mystery of Mekong
under the direction of William Parker

Tea Lounge presents JC Sanford Orchestra

03.25.11 |8 PM

JC Sanford Orchestra
Original compositions by JC Sanford for his big band
Tea Lounge
Brooklyn NY

James Ilgenfritz Septet at Issue Project Room

03.19.11 |8 PM

James Ilgenfritz Septet - featuring Leah Paul, Kirk Knufke, Chris Dingman,
Sara Schoenbeck, Taylor Levine, James Ilgenfritz, Julianne Carney

Issue Project Room presents: Alex Mincek, Tony Conrad, Duane Pitre, and Katherine Young with String Orchestra of Brooklyn

03.12.11 |8 PM

March 12 - 8 PM
String Orchestra of Brooklyn (SOB)
St. Ann's Church, 157 Montague Street, Brooklyn Heights
A program of new works by Alex Mincek, Tony Conrad, Duane Pitre, and Katherine Young, in collaboration with Issue Project Room

Jason Kao Hwang's Spontaneous River at Project Reach

04.23.10 |8 PM


Dancers: Patricia Nicholson, Ruomi, Jason Jordan, Mia Kang
Violin: Trina Basu, Helene Bergman, Sarah Bernstein, Julianne Carney, Fung Chern Hwei, Mark Chung, Rosi Hertlein, Jason Kao Hwang, David Soldier, Curtis Stewart, Midori Yamamoto, Helen Yee
Viola: Leanne Darling, Nicole Federici, Judith Insell, Ron Lawrence, Eric Salazar, David Wallace
Cello: Martha Colby, Loren Dempster, Tomas Ulrich, Shanda Wooley
Acoustic Guitar: Cristian Amigo, Bradley Farberman, James Keepnews, Dom Minasi, David Ross, Tor Snyder, Hans Tammen
String bass: Ken Filiano, Francois Grillot, Clifton Jackson, Tom Zlabinger, James Ilgenfritz
Drum set: Andrew Drury

Goodbye Blue Monday

01.08.10 |11 PM

Brooklyn, NY USA

The Sky & the Sea.....evening organized by Tim Kuhl.

Le Grand Dakar

09.29.09 |8:30 PM

Brooklyn, NY USA

The quintet with Ryan Mackstaller, Justin Wood, John O'Brien, James Ilgenfritz, and myself join together again to play the tunes of Jenny Scheinman and members of the band.


08.10.09 |10 PM

Brooklyn, NY USA

The Sky & the Sea - new band with Phil Sterk, Ryan Mackstaller, Tim Kuhl, and Geoff Kraly.

Le Grand Dakar

06.30.09 |8:30 PM

Brooklyn, NY USA

Great quintet with Justin Wood, Ryan Mackstaller, John O'Brien, James Ilgenfritz, and myself. We'll play a bunch of tunes including some by Jenny Scheinman.

Douglass Street Collective


Brooklyn, NY USA

Killing tunes written by Chris Botta & Joe Branciforte. Performed by Matt Moran on vibes, string quartet, and rhythm section.

Issue Project Room

05.25.09 |8:30 PM

Brooklyn, NY USA

Monarch Trio (James Ilgenfritz, Sara Schoenbeck, Julianne Carney) performs two tunes alongside an evening curated by James Ilgenfritz.

Issue Project Room

04.11.09 |8:30 PM

Brooklyn, NY USA

17-piece string string/woodwind ensemble performing Duane's long-tone composition, ED09. Tonight, also a performance by Tony Conrad with the string/wind ensemble.

Third installment (of 4) of Duane Pitre's Artist in Residency performances at ISSUE Project Room.

The Stone

03.22.09 |10 PM

New York, NY USA

Sitting in on James' tune "Little Brother" with Hypercolor. Great band with Lukas Ligeti, Eyal Maoz, and James Ilgenfritz. Guests Odeya Nini & Briggan Krauss

The Stone

02.26.09 |8 PM

New York, NY

All strings version of Duane Pitre's ED09 composition


02.09.09 |8 PM

Brooklyn, NY USA

February 13, 8 PM at Barbes
Pulse Ensemble: Songs from the Hudson River


12.04.08 |8:30 PM

New York, NY

Ensemble Drone, by Duane Pitre
Shared evening w/ Audrey Chen

The Stone

10.26.08 |10 PM

New York, NY

Gu Zheng virtuoso Wu Fei booked the Stone this month. This performance will be a quartet with Lukas Ligeti on Balafon, Wu Fei on Gu Zheng, James Ilgenfritz, bass, and myself on violin. Lots of fun!